Our management consulting expertise is fueled by years of experience in business and industry strategic planning, project management, organizational and process analysis and design, and technology consulting, creating a compelling value proposition to our customers. We are committed to developing and maintaining customer relationships that are built on trust and dependability.

VisionQuest places a strong emphasis on knowledge transfer, providing customers with maximum, lasting benefit from its services. VisionQuest’s experienced and knowledgeable personnel possess a work ethic second to none, consistently meeting or exceeding customer expectations.

VisionQuest has successfully completed over one hundred projects for over fifty unique business, industry, government and community organizations.

Management consulting

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service capabilities include:

  • Industry Strategic Planning
  • Industry Workforce Development / Labour Market Strategy
  • Business / Strategic Planning
  • Strategic Marketing Planning / Sales and Marketing Strategy / Market Research
  • Opportunity Analysis / Feasibility Studies
  • Proposal Preparation / Procurement Support
  • Human Resource / Training Strategy
  • Productivity / Quality Improvement Planning
  • Workshop / Meeting Facilitation
  • Project Management
  • Project / Service Management Methodology Consulting
  • e-business / ICT Strategy
  • Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery Planning